What is darkVerb?

Simply put, the darkVerb project is:


Investigative journalism and associated research that enables translation of complex topics to understandable, and actionable, community power.


A software and cloud-based systems platform to support the requirements of that community power. We have been working with many groups, over many years. What we have learnt is driving technical development. We have barely scratched the surface... there is much more on the way. Development never stops.

We care about:

How the policies and operations of local and national governments impact on local issues and the lives of ordinary people.

Who has the power but doesn't use it

Who doesn't have the power but should

Who has the power but misuses it

Poor Engagement

Genuine community engagement barely exists. What we have is so-called 'consultation'. Typically, a "preferred scheme" is presented to the people, who are then told they may "change the colour".

Most local government either doesn't understand how to engage or doesn't care to understand. We need those that do care to step up and work with communities.

We need a shifting of power, where necessary, from the un-elected to the elected... and then focusing on transparency and accountability.

We need to leverage the expertise that exists within communities to be more effective in achieving the goals of those communities.

Community power is not built by activists dictating to people but from activists taking on and supporting the desires of ordinary people.

The Team

Chris Harvey leads the darkVerb team that comprises people with experience and expertise of the following roles:

Marketers: traditional and digital

Business creation and operation: Directors, Managers (General, Financial, Product, Sports)

Photographers, Videographers, Writers, Graphic Designers, Publishers

Engineers: Software, Knowledge, Telecoms

Analysts: Data, System, Planning

Lecturers, Researchers, Teachers

Policy Officers, Political Educators

Charity Operations