darkVerb is an investigative platform dedicated to the support of local community organisations.

The Need

We live in an age where an unprecedented number of critical issues need action. Experience and commonsense have naturally led us to a plan for a better, more equitable, society. The way forward is based upon the fundamentally important social approach where communities are organised and collaborate together to demand change.

Demand for change must be derived from, and applicable to, issues directly related to the local communities in which people live. The content we create and the platform we provide is very much socialist-based (whether communities describe themselves as that or not).

The Platform

The darkVerb platform is a cloud-based software environment designed to provide whatever support community groups require. We have been working with many groups, over many years. What we have learnt is driving darkVerb technical development.

We have barely scratched the surface... there is much more on the way.

The Team

Chris Harvey leads the darkVerb team that comprises people with experience and expertise of the following roles:

Marketers: traditional and digital

Business creation and operation: Directors, Managers (General, Financial, Product, Sports)

Photographers, Videographers, Writers, Graphic Designers, Publishers

Engineers: Software, Knowledge, Telecoms

Analysts: Data, System, Planning

Lecturers, Researchers, Teachers

Policy Officers, Political Educators

Charity Operations