Broadsands, Churston and Galmpton Neighbourhood Plan Policy Document - progress update April 2022


Friday 1 April 2022


The Working Group of our Neighbourhood Forum is busy drafting the new policy document which will eventually become the Broadsands, Churston and Galmpton Neighbourhood Plan. The document sets out the high level Vision and Aims of the policies, and has chapters on:

• Settlements, to define the extent and boundaries of the three villages

• Employment and Community, to promote local economic opportunity and a range of local facilities to support more sustainable life/work patterns

• Residential Development, to promote sustainable homes to support a diverse range of local needs

• Design and Heritage, to promote high quality, locally distinctive, sustainable design and to conserve the areas heritage

• Environment and Biodiversity, to protect the area’s natural environment, landscape and biodiversity

• Transport Infrastructure, to promote sustainable transport and walking

The Plan will be consistent with the Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan 2012 - 2030, but will reflect the distinct characteristics of our three villages.

The intention is to have a draft document by early summer this year, and to put this out for consultation in the community, both on this website and in local facilities such as the Churston Library.

The final document will be put to the Neighbourhood Forum for approval. The document will then pass to Torbay Council who will publicise the plan and appoint an Independent Examiner.

The Independent Examination will consider whether the Plan meets the Basic Conditions and a report will be submitted to the Local Planning Authority.

The final stage is the referendum. A ‘yes’ vote brings the plan into force and it will then replace the Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan.

We’ll post updates on progress on this website, and would welcome your feedback.

Last Updated: Friday 1 April 2022