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Emails to Hancock and Mangnall


Saturday 5 December 2020


The residents of Dartmouth are fed up after being ignored and brushed aside for years. Contact your MP (people say)... See what happens when you do. Listen to this empassioned plea and read the nonsense emails that are received in response...

From: lynn gunnigle

Sent: 05 December 2020 02:32


Subject: The Death, Anxiety and Trauma of those who live in rural Devon Conservative Britain 2020.

Please find attached a voice recording that I wish to be accepted by Mr Hancock and Mr Mangnall as a letter in addition to my text here.

Sorry some bits thoughts get mixed up sometimes.

Unluckily for you both sometimes THEY WORK !

The point of recording my email letter to you is to avoid typing as my hands are not cooperating.

I wish every word spoken and written to be considered as a cease and desist in your responsibility (despite your treacherous 2012 abomination Act) of your abandonment of duty to provide reasonable access to healthcare.

I forgot to add Local Councils to the list of leeches please add them too.

This is an emergancy please respond accordingly.

From Lynn Gunnigle



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