Socialist Party


Dartmouth Hospital


From Lynn Gunnigle


Monday 4 January 2021


Note: This email has been lightly edited, without loss of intent or meaning but, more importantly, marked-up so you can understand just what's going on (in red).

From: lynn gunnigle

Sent: 04 January 2021 10:52

To: Anthony Mangnall MP

Subject: RE: (Case Ref: AM1826)

No one will look at my evidence the police said complain to NHS which is like telling a victim to complain to its abuser.

The ombudsmen won't look at it and the Torbay NHS Foundation Trust and CCG refuse to respond to any questions too.

So who exactly are people like Leslie Darke who is acting unlawfully by actually stealing a building that belongs to our community answerable to?

Please let me know asap so I can take action.

Also can you confirm you will NOT be fighting to have our beds and MIU (minor injuries unit) returned, as you assured me you would, and that you are going to ignore my cease and desist.

From L Gunnigle

Last Updated: Tuesday 4 January 2022