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Dartmouth Hospital


From Lynn Gunnigle


Monday 15 February 2021


Note: This email has been lightly edited, without loss of intent or meaning but, more importantly, marked-up so you can understand just what's going on (in red).

From: lynn gunnigle

Sent: 15 February 2021 18:30

To: Anthony Mangnall MP

Subject: RE: Dartmouth Hospital and the removal of reasonable access to healthcare. (Case Ref: AM3582)

Mr Mangnall you have not answered my question... Again! How many times am I expected to ask you before I can get a reply? My friends did not die of covid so your assumption is incorrect . Let's start again shall we? You suggested in your email that I take my evidence re Lesley Darke and our Hospital building to the appropriate authority, could you please for the love of your people TELL ME WHO THAT AUTHORITY is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I have asked four times now.

I will ask the other two questions again but want to simplify it for you by doing it one at a time.

Your news about the ripping up of our Earth's crust for no other reason than incurable greed is not good news to us now forced to live in a building site. I have asthma so that will be something to look forward to, Shame on an unlawful mis-use of public funds, we have a Hospital and under-utilised clinic and don’t need this flat-roofed monstrosity but hey ho as long as everyone gets a few bob from the public purse why should you concern yourself? Please note I was at the planning meeting re HUB and have concerns and will be taking them up. As far as Im aware all the info was not available to the planning committee yet here we are with contracts given... that's odd don’t you think? Will you please answer the question about Lesley Darke, if you don’t know the answer please signpost me to someone who does.

From L Gunnigle

Last Updated: Tuesday 4 January 2022