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Torbay Council, Torbay Economic Development Company, the landowners and the local community have been working together to bring forward the development of Great Parks Phase 2.

In March 2013, an'Enquiry-by-Design' (EbD) event was held at Great Parks and Foxhole Community Centres in Paignton. This extended over 3 days and was attended by over 100 local residents, Councillors, Torbay Council officers, landowners, statutory agencies and other key stakeholders.

The engagement process brought specialists in design, planning, transport, engineering and the environment together with the community. It enabled key decisions to be made openly during the process and a level of mutual understanding and trust to be established between key parties. A continuous and intensive event encouraged a more collaborative design process with a greater sense of ownership. The vision, principles and masterplan which emerged during this event are at the heart of this report and its recommendations. 


So all well and good. Especially the bit about "mutual understanding and trust".

Bearing that in mind, how does the black-outlined supermarket and carpark strike you?


Last Updated: Saturday 18 December 2021