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Connected Communities


Connected Communities

A new Community Park and local centre lie at the heart of this opportunity.


The park will offer access through a network of trails for walking and cycling, with picnic areas, natural play spaces, allotments, bridle ways and areas for dog walking and bird watching.


The prominence of Great Parks phase 2 to the Kings Ash Road will help establish a more viable opportunity for a local centre. This facility will bring residents together and reinforce a sense of community and discourage car use.


It is very dis-heartening to see that the supermarket planning application attempts to redefine what is meant by "local centre". In order to get around the obvious: that a supermarket and carpark is not a "local centre", it has been suggested that a couple of small additional shops could be added to the supermarket site; thereby creating a "centre".

Not sure how a large out-of-town supermarket carpark "discourages car use", are you?

Last Updated: Saturday 18 December 2021