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Views of sea and country


Views of sea and country

Great Parks is set on a plateau of higher ground within a valley system on the western edge of Paignton. This elevated position enables spectacular views of both sea and country. Feature views, over the rooftops to the Torbay coastline to the east and to the steep green valley slopes to the west, provide a constant reference of the site's unique location. Great Parks phase 2 must capture this potential as a defining characteristic of the development.

The north western corner of the site in particular presents an opportunity for a public viewing space which links between the development and the Community Park. 'Evening hill' would be an accessible attraction for everyone to enjoy panoramic views and sunsets over the valley and coastline.


Unfortunately the spectacular views from "Evening Hill" will now be over the roof of a large supermarket (in the heart of the green and pleasant community village); not to mention the supermarket lighting which will be switched on (very) late into the evening.

But, on the plus side, people sat in their cars queueing for a parking space may well have panoramic views!


Last Updated: Saturday 18 December 2021