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Green and leafy feel


Green and leafy feel

Great Parks will become Paignton's permanent western edge and should therefore provide a gradual transition to the adjoining countryside. Establishing an interesting and varied change from the existing urban character of phase-1 to the rural edge of phase-2 will be essential.

Incorporating important trees and hedgerows, and introducing new native planting can help create a 'green and leafy' character across the site [except for the supermarket and carpark] to achieve this transition. New tree planting will define streets and spaces and frame attractive views to the countryside and coast. New public green spaces will provide opportunities for play and recreation and connect to a network of green routes and to the Community Park.

Of course the green spaces will now be lesser due to the, wait for it, large supermarket and carpark. A green and leafy carpark would be a breakthrough in carpark design.


Last Updated: Saturday 18 December 2021