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Informal Meeting


Friday 2 July 2021


PAIGNTON NEIGHBOURHOOD FORUM: NOTICE OF INFORMAL MEETING, to be held electronically via Zoom on Friday 2 July 2021. Access will be open from 6:30 pm.

Prof Alessandro (Alex) Aurigi of Plymouth University will speak to us about urban design principles. He is Professor of Urban Design within the School of Art, Design and Architecture, and teaches in the Master of Architecture studio. His talk and the ensuing discussion is especially timely for us in Paignton. Paignton is embarking upon a government funded town centre regeneration project, our sea wall defence scheme is being planned, and our refreshed Neighbourhood Plan will include design codes.

Design, according to the National Design Guide released in January, is about places and how people interact in them. In the introduction it states:

A place is more complex and multifaceted than a building: . . . it is a setting for a diverse range of uses and activities, and is experienced by many people in many different ways; . . . The underlying purpose for design quality and the quality of new development at all scales is to create well-designed and well-built places that benefit people and communities. This includes people who use a place for various purposes such as:

• to live, work, shop, for leisure and recreation, and to move around between these activities; and

• those who visit or pass through.

It also includes people at different stages of life and with different abilities – children, young people, adults, families and older people, both able-bodied and disabled.

Please join us to learn more about principles of good design and discuss how they might be applied here.

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