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New homes for all


New homes for all

The development will provide greater choice for local people and attract new residents to support local businesses and facilities. 

Ah but, the national-chain supermarket is not a "local business" by any stretch of the imagination. Its planning application provides great detail in explaining that it will take trade away from local businesses.

A variety of tenures, including affordable homes, will ensure the development is accessible for all with opportunities created for self-building and live work units. Great Parks phase 2 will therefore deliver a modern, distinctive and integrated extension to Paignton.

Several points here:

There will be nothing "distinctive" about a large national supermarket and carpark. Quite the opposite.

In order for developers to make a development "viable", they will inevitably try to squeeze more houses into the now considerably smaller remaining area of land. We see this every time. And, which homes suffer the most: affordable housing. Both in terms of number provided and quality of build.

At this point, we hear the argument that the Masterplan is purely "indicative" and doesn't show the actual number of houses that would be built. Try telling residents that the pretty pictures on which they were consulted mean diddely-squat when the bulldozers come.


Last Updated: Saturday 18 December 2021