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Community facilities


Community facilities

Failure of phase 1 [of Great Parks] to deliver a local centre facility requires the existing community to walk more than a 10 minutes to a local shop. This, coupled with the steep slopes and difficulty crossing Kings Ash Road, encourages people to travel by car to access local shops at Foxhole and beyond. A key objective agreed at the event is for phase 2 to provide a local centre facility for new and existing residents at Great Parks. This will include the provision of local shop(s) and flexible space for further community facilities or services.


Well, there we have it. A "key objective" is being removed. This throws into doubt the entire "Enquiry-by-Design" process and views of the residents.


Phase 2 will provide a permanent edge to Paignton and must ensure an appropriate transition to the rural edge through development densities and character. Street tree planting was identified at the EbD as critical to achieve this and street arrangements will be designed accordingly.


Of course, this "tree planting" does not apply to the large area taken up by the supermarket and carpark. And since when has a large supermarket and carpark been "an appropriate transition"?


Last Updated: Saturday 18 December 2021