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Masterplan Principles


Masterplan Principles

The Design Review Panel commended the 'careful engagement with residents and other stakeholders that has been a feature of the project thus far and the Enquiry-by-Design appears to have made a great deal of progress in establishing the basic principles of the development'. 

The panel review process provided the opportunity to consider key elements of the masterplan in greater depth in seeking to define the best possible framework for a successful new neighbourhood at Great Parks.

The Enquiry-by-Design event established a framework masterplan to deliver a 'high quality environment for new homes and community facilities with improved access to green space.

Access and movement

The proposed junction position on Kings Ash Road was supported at the Enquiry-by-Design event to establish a new crossroads at Spruce Way. The access will serve the local centre, new homes and create a welcoming gateway to Great Parks.

The "welcoming gateway" is now a road leading to, and past, a large supermarket and carpark.

Land use 

The frontage location at Kings Ash Road and improved pedestrian crossing arrangements will help integrate the local centre with the wider community at Foxhole. This will serve to increase the potential catchment area and create a more viable context for local convenience retail. 

Ouch! What will now be "integrated" with the wider community at Foxhole is... a busier main road and a large supermarket and carpark. And the idea of "local convenience retail" largely vanishes under a large supermarket and carpark.

Through the Enquiry-by-Design it was identified the local centre could also provide flexible floor space to accommodate other community and service uses such as hairdressers, dry cleaners or take-away restaurant.

Nope (except for the small pieces of land allocated (for purchase) at the front of the supermarket carpark). The fact that two small areas have been set aside indicates that the planning application for the large supermarket and carpark accepts that the "local centre" will be eradicated.

Residential apartments can be provided at upper floors helping to reinforce the ground activities and bring natural surveillance to the courtyard space. Apartments would also benefit from attractive views to the coast. Participants however were keen to ensure that all facilities were not concentrated in one location to avoid alienating parts of the wider community. It was agreed the new local centre should complement existing community facilities at Great Parks and Foxhole and efforts made to maximise their potential.

Oh dear. Now, there will be no apartments (unless the supermarket wants to build them on its roof), let alone "courtyard space". And the supermarket is hardly going to "complement" anything; rather it will take business away from Foxhole and Kings Ash Road shops... not to mention Preston and Town Centre retail shops. This is not up for debate: the planning application admits it and is dependent on taking that trade.


Last Updated: Saturday 18 December 2021