Neighbourhood Forum




Forum Meeting


Wednesday 6 October 2021


The Agenda for the regular Paignton Neighbourhood Plan zoom meeting on 6 October 2021:

1. Welcome

2. Apologies

3. Ratification of the minutes from the last meeting – 4 August 2021

4. Matters arising from the minutes, not elsewhere on the agenda

5. Report from the Chair

6. Secretary’s report

7. Treasurer’s report and Financial Statement

8. Digital Engagement officer’s report

9. Housing Monitor’s report

10. To consider report on monitoring of the Neighbourhood Plan

11. Action to be taken following the report on monitoring of the Neighbourhood Plan

12. Current events

13. AOB

14. Next regular Forum meeting. The next regular Forum meeting will take place on Wednesday 1 December 2021. We are hopeful we can meet at the Gerston Chapel Hall at 6:30pm but that will depend on the Covid-19 restrictions in place on that date. Further information will be provided with the agenda for that meeting.


Last Updated: Thursday 30 December 2021