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Shock #1


After inhaling an unknown quantity of petrol and diesel fumes, we find ourselves at the bottom of Victoria Street... an oasis of calm since its pedestrianisation (don't you just love those '-isation' words?).

Now we can take deep breaths again, we spot the preferred ancient and time-tested planning engagement-of-choice... the yellow notice on the nearest lamp post (or zip-tied to the nearest fence).

Aside: We didn't take a photo of the yellow notice on the day in-question, so we went back the next day and the notice had gone. Strange. But, so you can get the idea, here's a photo of where it was. We did manage to get the zip-ties though (so the trip wasn't a total waste of time).

Worry not, more yellow notices will be forthcoming as the story progresses :)

Last Updated: Wednesday 12 January 2022