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The planning officer has no objections


Wednesday 15 September 2021


In the Torbay Local Plan, policy DE6 is concerned with Amenity and Safety.

The planning officer decides that safety is not an issue and, from a distraction-to-drivers point of view, he's probably correct (Victoria Street being pedestrianised). There's clearly little chance that anyone would walk into a nine-foot monolith, I mean it's so big after all.

The more serious issue is his conclusions regarding public amenity. He considers, off his own bat, that there is no harm because there are already other retail signs in the street.

Consider this definition:

In planning terms amenity is often used to refer to the quality or character of an area and elements that contribute to the overall enjoyment of an area.

The officer decides that the character of Victoria Street in a conservation area is not being harmed by a nine-foot monolith.

On a positive note, we are pleased that the "advertising board" has been scaled-back to only nine feet. Phew!

Last Updated: Wednesday 12 January 2022