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Hardly noticeable


Wednesday 15 September 2021


It's worth remembering that the whole point of advertising such as this is that people cannot avoid seeing it; especially as the three in Victoria Street (so far, the contract stated initial locations) are double-sided with images changing every ten seconds.

We can find no control of the content other than national advertising standards. 


1. Do these monoliths change the character of the Paignton Conservation Area?

2. The planning application makes the point that such monoliths are found in high streets all over the country... so it's ok in Paignton?

3. The existence of a signed contract makes it highly unlikely that planning application could be refused. Technically, yes but in practice?

4. Why does Torbay Council Business Development go though the entire contract process without the Planning people actually doing this hot topic thing called consulation and engagement?

5. How on earth does having six huge digital advertising panels affecting the character of Victoria Street (on the Conservation Area route between Station Square (so-called) and the historic Old Town) help Paignton's unique tourism offer?

6. Is this really what is meant by a future high street?

Last Updated: Wednesday 12 January 2022