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Covering Letter from Lidl


Link to original document on Torbay Council website

Lidl provided a comprehensive list of documents in a covering letter to the application, comprising:

Application form

Application Drawings:

        Site Location Plan

        Existing Site Layout

        Proposed Site Layout

        Proposed Building Plan

        Proposed Roof Plan

        Proposed Elevations

        Proposed Boundary Treatments

        Proposed Site Finishes

        Proposed Landscape Design and Specification

        Proposed Site Topographical Overlay Plan

        Proposed Site Sections

        Proposed Street Scene

        Lighting Design Plan

        Solar PV Roof Plan

Design & Access Statement

Planning & Retail Statement

Transport Assessment

Travel Plan

Ecological Appraisal

Flood Risk Assessment

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

Noise Impact Assessment

Solar PV Generation Report

Lighting Design Report

Statement of Community Involvement

Geo-Environmental Desk Study Report

Geo-Environmental Investigation Report

Waste Management Statement


Application fee of £14,322


Last Updated: Saturday 18 December 2021