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Planning Statement from Lidl


Link to original document on Torbay Council website

An 84-page "Planning Statement" document has been produced to aid Torbay Council in the determination of the planning application. It "seeks to evaluate" the proposal against local and national policies.

In considers the "justification and implication" of the impact of their proposal in terms of other Paignton and Preston trading.

Here we extract items relevant to the Paignton Neighbourhood Forum, without comment. We have however, highlighted words and phrases to aid understanding. You are reminded that the original document is available via the link above.


From the planning statement:

The site is part of Great Parks Phase 2, which has been allocated for development under the Torbay Local Plan.

The site has been cleared of existing vegetation.

The site forms part of a locally important site for nature conservation.

The pre-application discussion with Torbay Council highlighted: There is significant deprivation in this part of Paignton and a foodstore would provide access to fresh produce as well as local employment opportunities.

The offer is based on providing a limited range of high quality products at very attractive prices.

On the issue of waste, Lidl recycle their packaging material, with their merchandising and display formats being designed to facilitate this. All cardboard is compacted and stored on site for daily collection by the returning HGV, along with all plastic, food waste, wood and all non-recyclable refuse.

Great Parks Masterplan (2013)

The vision includes a new junction and main access point from Kings Ash Road and a flexible mixed use gateway site providing a new local centre.

The Masterplan envisages residential uses above commercial uses within the proposed local centre, with retail space limited to just 550sq m.

With particular reference to Great Parks, Policy SS2 requires a bespoke Greater Horseshoe Bat mitigation strategy to be submitted and approved before planning permission will be granted.

As previously noted, the proposed store is intended to form the basis of a new local centre that will serve northwest Paignton, where we believe that there is a quantitative and qualitative need for an additional neighbourhood foodstore.

However notwithstanding that, the only two centres higher in the hierarchy within Paignton are the town centre and Preston District Centre and while both are outside the assumed catchment area that the proposed store is intended to serve.

The catchment of the store will therefore be different to a store in the town centre, and this is recognised by the fact that Lidl have a 3-store plan for Paignton, having identified a need for stores in the town centre (Victoria Square or another alternative elsewhere in the centre); the southwest (their White Rock unit) and the northwest (the proposed Great Parks store).

Effectively, to serve a neighbourhood shopping function and generally have catchments extending to around a 4-5 minute drivetime.

People living to the south of the Totnes Road can be expected to shop at the White Rock store, while those to the north will favour a store at Great Parks.

Transport and Highways

A review of highway collision data highlighted eight incidents in the period 2015 – 2019.

It is unlikely there are any substantial deficiencies in the current highway arrangements that would require any further assessment or remedial action.

Furthermore, the proposed access road will be constructed to a specification capable of accommodating buses; this will allow bus services to penetrate Great Parks Phase 2 as the residential element comes forward.

The application proposal includes the provision of covered secure cycle parking for customers, with six stands (accommodating up to twelve cycles).

A second set of five covered stands (for up to ten cycles) will be provided for staff.

The Transport Assessment includes a review of the forecasted traffic generated by the application proposal and residential development associated with the further development of Great Parks Phase 2, using a forecast year of 2025. The modelling demonstrates that both the site access junction and the Kings Ash Road/Spruce Way signalised junction will operate within capacity in 2025, even if both the foodstore and residential development are in place.

A Travel Plan has also been prepared in support of the application. A wide range of measures and actions will be used to discourage single occupancy private car travel to the site by staff. These will include car sharing, public transport use, cycling and walking. 

Landscape and Visual Impact

There would be no significant effects in relation to landscape character and the landscape designations of the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The majority of residential receptors within Paignton will experience no significant effects although there will be a small number directly adjacent to the site, which will.

The site, with its strong tree, scrub and hedgerows to the northern, western and southern boundaries and a more open aspect to the eastern boundary would undergo a change in character with the introduction of a retail unit, car parking and access road creating a manmade appearance. There would be a minor loss of scrub and grassland locally.

There would be a small, localised change on the surrounding landscape character area.


The Appraisal confirms the site is utilised by a range of commuting and foraging bat species including Greater Horseshoes. Nesting birds and commuting badgers also utilise the site and a small breeding population of slow worms and common lizard has also been identified. Reptile translocation is already underway.

The application site is located within the South Hams Special Area of Conservation and there is a specific requirement ... to provide appropriate mitigation for Greater Horseshoe Bats in any such areas.

The proposed development will result in the loss of scrub habitat that support nesting birds but which is considered to be of limited value to foraging badgers, bats and reptiles.

Due to the extent of habitats present on site, and the proposed development in the wider surrounding area, it is considered unlikely that mitigation and enhancement measures will result in a net gain in biodiversity within the footprint of the application site post development.

Suitable mitigation is therefore being sought, ideally in the local vicinity, in order to enhance Horseshoe Bat commuting and foraging habitat in proximity to the site.

Flood Risk

There will be an increase in low permeable cover as a consequence of the development and surface water will need to be controlled as an agreed run-off rate.


The principle of developing the site for retail use has been confirmed through the Local Plan process and Torbay Council supports a retail foodstore on the site;

The quantum of development proposed is higher than that envisaged by the Great Parks Masterplan, relevant policies of the Local Plan and the Paignton Neighbourhood Plan. Notwithstanding that, a scheme of the size proposed by the LPA has failed to come forward since the Local Plan was adopted in 2012 and a smaller foodstore would not tackle the acknowledged levels of deprivation in the area or improve access to fresh produce by any great degree.

Allowing Lidl to develop a foodstore on the site will act as a catalyst for the remainder of Great Parks Phase 2, as the development will provide the new access on to Kings Ash Road that will serve not just the new store but will also facilitate access into the rest of the site to the west. Without this new access the new housing sought in the development plan and the Great Parks masterplan is unlikely to come forward in the foreseeable future.

The turnover of the store will be modest and in our judgement the trade draw is not expected to result in any significant adverse impact on any defined centres.

The NPPF seeks to encourage sustainable development and provide new employment opportunities. The application proposal will meet these policy objectives, providing up to 40 new jobs within the store as well as further opportunities during the construction phase.


Last Updated: Saturday 18 December 2021