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Tree Survey


Link to the original document on Torbay Council's website

At least eight "B Grade" trees will be removed to make way for the access road. These are trees that are over twenty years old.

Link to the full Arboricultural Development Assessment on Torbay Council's website.

The assessment concludes with the following statement:

"I recommend that the tree protection measures indicated on the tree protection plan are implemented and that landscaping plans include a provision for large canopy tree species to replace the felled ash. It would be reasonable for the LPA to enforce compliance by way of a planning condition."

This willl be interesting for us to monitor. There is currently no indication that "large canopy" trees, or for that matter, any trees at all, are planned.

Incidently, this is the report that shows photographic evidence of the site already having been cleared.

Whilst this may be allowable, it sends entirely the wrong signal to neighbourhood residents when hoarding is erected and land is cleared PRIOR to a planning application being approved.

Last Updated: Saturday 18 December 2021