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Community Involvement Statement


In relation to Lidl consulting the community, they have provided the statement below:

As a company we believe that open communication is the best method to ensure a cohesive relationship between Lidl and the community.

Through years of experience we have implemented many initiatives to allow the 'voice' of the community to be heard and cordially respected throughout all stages of the development. As part of our public consultation we will ask the residents of Paignton for their 'in principle' views on a Lidl food store located at Kings Ash Road. Response cards will be dispatched to a large catchment, announcing Lidl's development proposal for a new neighbourhood discount foodstore located at Kings Ash Road. Generically, we will ask the following question and allow space for comments:

• Do you support the delivery of a new Lidl food store in Paignton?

The postage on the response cards is pre-paid, allowing recipients to provide Lidl with their opinion at no cost, encouraging a wide feedback response from the community. All comments received will be reviewed by Lidl; concerns and amendments can be taken into account towards the final design of the site. Complementing the response cards, a dedicated website will be made available to view, showing an overview of the development proposal. Links are provided to the full planning application, and to PDFs of drawings submitted. The website will also encourage visitors to express their opinion on the development to the Local Planning Authority. We will provide a Netigate survey link so the public can express if they are in favor of the proposals. Lidl anticipates that the strategies outlined above will provide the community with the opportunity required to enjoy a direct influence over the proposal contained within the planning application.

Community engagement is absolutely fundamental to development in our neighbourhood area. Lidl plan to send out a one-line question card, with a leading question on it. And a website giving details AFTER the planning application has been heard?

Oh, and from the documents submitted by Lidl (rather than their consultants), they do not even seem to be aware of the Paignton Neighbourhood Plan (apart from two cursory mentions), and therefore, have not duly considered the residents of Paignton in the application proposal.


Last Updated: Saturday 18 December 2021