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Transport Assessment


An incredibly-long 171-page document that goes to great lengths to show that there will be no transport problems on the Kings Ash Road.

This is a link to the original document on the Torbay Council website.

The first major point of concern:

The Transport Assessment uses a "trip forecasting exercise" that is based on survey data that was taken on Wednesday 20th November 2019:

"Review of the traffic survey data identifies the AM peak hour is 07:15 - 08:15 and the PM peak hour 16:15 - 17:15"

However, given that Lidl explicitly states that the proposed store will open at 07:00, the following assumption invalidates the entire survey:

"Lidl stores open in the morning at 08:00, therefore given that very little traffic associated with the store will be generated in the survey peak, this assessment has focused on an AM peak assessment to cover the hour of 08:00 - 09:00 therefore accounting for the first hour in the day the store is open."


The second major point of concern:

A pre-application meeting was held with Torbat Council on 10th June 2020, where:

"It was agreed during the meeting that additional analysis would be undertaken to include a Saturday peak hour assessment and for a capacity assessment to be undertaken at the A380 / Cotehele Drive junction. However, undertaking this additional analysis was dependant on traffic survey data being available, which was to be supplied by Torbay Council. As no data has yet been supplied by Torbay Council, it has not been possible to undertake the additional analysis requested as part of this Transport Assessment."

This provides a second reason that the Transport Assessment is invalid. Torbay Council clearly thought that a survey was important for a Saturday (in addition to a weekday). For wahtever reason, that never happened.


The third major point of concern:

The summary of the assessment states that:

"A review of highway collision data has concluded that all collisions in the vicinity of the site appear to be as a consequence of a lack of awareness or poor observation from road users. It is therefore concluded that no review is required of the design arrangement along the highway network within the vicinity of the site."

Surely a "lack of awareness or poor observation from road users" is precisely why a review of the design arrangement must be undertaken.


The fourth major point of concern:

It is worth highlighting that the Torbay Local Plan states that:

"there is capacity to build around 450 dwellings on the remaining land at Great Parks."

But that the Great Parks Masterplan states that:

"total residential capacity for the site is approximately 284-312 dwellings, in addition to 300-500sq.m of commercial floorspace."

Given that there is both a major discrepency in the thinking between "we can fit 450 houses and we can fit 312 houses" and that the Masterplan is making its calculations on a considerably smaller commercial floorspace of 300-500 square metres as compared to the Lidl store requirements of 2,175 square metres, there is grave concern for the future development of Great Parks 2 due to the size of Lidl store.


Conclusion of the Transport Assessment

However, the conclusion of the Transport Assessment is that the road junction:

"will continue to operate within capacity in 2025 with the Lidl store being in place as well as the Great Parks Phase 2 development. In light of the findings of this Transport Assessment it is concluded that the development is acceptable from a traffic and transport perspective."

Last Updated: Saturday 18 December 2021