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An Update from our Council


On December 18th 2020, during our monthly Neighbourhood Planning Reference Group meeting with Torbay Council Officers, we had some really useful feedback from the Council on the Lidl application.


The planning application from Lidl was uninvited.

The planning department has not yet formed a view on how to proceed the application.

In terms of the wildlife destruction that had already taken place:

The habitat issues were "outside of the control of Torbay Council". In such cases, it was a police matter but follow-up was not common due to lack of police resources.

The council officers had noted, on a site visit, that fencing erected for protection of reptiles had collapsed. Additionally, trial pits that had been dug for soakaways, the officers considered, had gone "too far".

The council officers have asked Lidl for a revised ecology report.

Apparantly, the planning agent for Lidl was "embarrased" by the amount of work already done.

We are very grateful to the council officers for this feedback. They are genuinely concerned but were keen to point out that their hands were tied in many areas. 

In terms of the community's lack of trust in the planning process, we have instigated a project to delve much deeper into the statutory wildlife and environment law, to provide more understanding for our members in these critical areas.

As always, we wish to support the positive endeavours of the council to create a better Paignton.

Last Updated: Saturday 18 December 2021