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Station Square Proposal


TDA (a wholly-owned company of Torbay Council) has created an artist's impression of what Station Square could look like. We're looking towards the railway station.

This particular image is simply trying to convey a 'vision' of what Station Sqaure could 'feel' like. But, is it possible to achieve?

The enlarged island in the centre (enlarged by removing the left-hand Dartmouth Road lane) is still only an island used for crossing two roads. A steady stream of cars still exists (unless Torbay Road is largely pedestrianised).

The seating shown in the foreground of the view (in front of the old Gerston Hotel) are merely resting places for the weary rather than a pleasant area to sit and relax.

The main issue with the view is the poor spatial perspective on the left of the image (towards the square block that represents the Picture House). The large open space shown on the left simply does not exist (although it could be achieved with a fish-eye lens on a camera!).

An attractive piazza-style vision for Station Square is possible but surely it can only be achieved with a bold vision that pedestrianises the land used by the vehicles (why do artist's impression never show lorries and buses and pollution?).

Have we not reached the point where a bolder re-think of our town centres is not only preferable but essential?




Last Updated: Tuesday 11 January 2022