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Regeneration Zones


A bit of a weird picture but not too bad once you've got your bearings: Paignton railway station is in the centre.

The discussion at the moment revolves around the Future High Street Funding (almost) in the grip of the Council.

The yellow-bounded areas are the main focuses of attention. The first one encompasses Victoria Square and Crossways; and to a lesser priority, the top and bottom of Victoria Street.

The second yellow box centres around Station Square. Calling the area a square is a stretch; and that's the point... It's a mess. Getting off the train? Welcome to Paignton. The area is presented as a Civic Hub.

The last yellow box is Paignton Harbour; but is not covered by the Future High Street funding.

The four dotted black areas are presumably named Osmosis areas because they feed off the increased activity of the other areas.

The areas are: Winner Street, Palace Avenue, Torbay Road, and Paignton Green.

Last Updated: Tuesday 11 January 2022