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The Background


The Background

Predictions due to the Climate Emergency will see the sea level rise in Torbay by over 1m. In the next 100 years the frequency and impact of water coming over the top of the sea walls will increase resulting in more infrastructure and properties being affected by flooding.

On top of that, more intense rainfall will increase surface run-off and hence increase the risk of localised flooding and consequent erosion.

The current discharge system cannot cope with that increase in water. The existing drainage systems already have hydraulic capacity issues and therefore more intense rainfall will only increase the flood risk from these systems.

Properties at risk:

At present, there are 88 residential properties at risk. Over a 20-year time frame this rises to 96; and to 169 over 50-years.

At present, there are 122 commercial properties at risk. Over a 20-year time frame this rises to 142; and to 183 over 50-years.

After the proposed scheme has been implemented, the number of properties at risk falls dramatically:

Residential properties at risk: At present sea levels: 1. After 20-years: 1; and after 50-years: 1.

Commercial properties at risk: At present sea levels: 0. After 20-years: 0; and after 50-years: 3

The following image shows the present day flood areas, how the flood areas will look in fifty years, and the almost complete removal of risk when the scheme goes ahead.

Last Updated: Saturday 15 January 2022